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HERBA NATURA – Natural alternative for your health

“Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food!”

During the golden era of antibiotics (1940 to 1960),   many scientists believed that infectious diseases, as a cause of morbidity and mortality will soon enter the history. Today, despite the unquestionable successful  sixty year use of the miraculous twentieth century drugs, for the first time doctors and microbiologists are aware of the possibility of future new “black period” in the fight against microbes. This fear is due to the increasing risk of emergence of resistance evolution of new microorganisms and continual modification of traditional pathogenic bacteria due to their prolonged exposure to antibiotics.

The development and spread of bacterial resistance is one of the most explored world problems in recent years. Macedonia is among the countries that spend most antibiotics in Europe and in the region. This situation is alarming and significantly affects the increase of resistance of microorganisms (including all bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites) of antibiotics as a medicament.

Microorganisms that are common causes of infections in people in Macedonia (diarrhea, respiratory infections, meningitis, sexually transmitted diseases and intra-hospital infections) are the same ones where the antimicrobial resistance is usually recorded.

Considering this situation, as well as the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs, the recommendations of the competent authorities and the World Health Organization is that people should turn to nature and utilizing the benefits of herbs and other substances known as natural antibiotics and antiviral in alternative medicine.

This is why we decided to offer products that represent a natural alternative to conventional antibiotics, thus enabling natural health for our customers.

By using Herba Natura products, which are 100% natural, your body will be more resistant to all organisms that are exposed daily.

Health is your right, not a privilege. To save your health, stick to traditional wisdom “Prevention is better than cure.” Preventive use of Herba Natura products will keep your body and your spirit strong, and you will be happier and energized. If you already have a health problem, find the right way to bring back your health by using some of the natural Herba Natura products.

Forever and in health,